PATH WAY - A Text Books Series From Class 1 To 5
EXPLORE - A Semester Books Series From Class 1 To 5


1) Vardhman Industries

Established in the year 1980, it has been one of the major players in the field of stationery manufacturing. Important products include:

Copies, registers, notebooks

  • Paper Products
  • Spiral Pads
  • Punch Paper and other stationery items.

2) Vardhman Books International

Since its founding in Meerut in 2010, Vardhman Books International Pvt. Ltd has become the leading manufacturer of School textbooks in Meerut. All textbooks published by us are conceived, designed, illustrated, edited and graded for different age groups, keeping pace with the competitive environment. These textbooks are infused with innovative themes and ideas, concepts and executed in tone with contemporary developments in child psychology and modern educational method. CCE pattern followed by us is the unique feature of all our published textbooks. Owing to the skyrocketing increase in the demand for our products, as well as with the goal of ushering a new revolution in the publishing industry, Vardhman Books International has begun exciting new ventures like Lemon Tree Books, Favourite Books and Infinity Educational World.

a) Favourite Books

Vardhman Books International Pvt. Ltd is taking huge leaps of success each year. This year, we have launched Favourite Books which will cater to publishing textbooks for Hindi medium schools. This is our new cost-effective series especially designed for India's rural as well as urban Hindi medium schools. The textbooks have been designed to make studying an enjoyable and fruitful activity for the students.

b) Infinity Educational World

It is the new ambitious venture of Vardhman Books International Pvt. Ltd. It will cater to publishing textbooks for the English medium schools with an objective of disseminating education in the most comprehensive and student-friendly way. Special team has been appointed to help the company keep pace with the latest developments in the field of 'digital publishing'. Meticulously prepared CDs for each book are available to make education a more enjoyable and learning process and also to help the child have a taste of ‘digitalised education’ in this fast changing world.’

3) Basant Papers

Basant Papers is our sister company dealing in paper trading. Mr Sudhir Jain, one of the directors of Vardhman Industries, is a partner at Basant Papers. Basant Papers is an authorized distributor of paper mills like J.K. Paper Mills, Naini Paper Mills, Mohit Paper Mills, K.R. Pulp & Paper and Magnum Paper Mills. Basant Papers has also played a vital role in the company's growth by providing great quality paper at best market rates.

4) Inhouse Printing Units

Basant Offset

We also have an inhouse printing unit which has two printing machines for multi and single colour printing. This unit makes our production really strong by providing ultimate quality printing solutions with a range of customized solutions to provide a much better delivery. This firm too is expanding every year with the support of our other sister companies.

In a nutshell, we are proud to say that Vardhman Industries is a self-reliant ‘Powerhouse of Quality Publishing’.