PATH WAY - A Text Books Series From Class 1 To 5
EXPLORE - A Semester Books Series From Class 1 To 5

Welcome To Neostar

The year 2014 has brought good tidings to our well-wishers and customers. Neostar Educational World is the new ambitious venture of Vardhman Books International Pvt. Ltd. It will cater to publishing books for the English medium schools with an objective of disseminating education in the most comprehensive and student-friendly way.

'Neostar' stands for limitless and we at Neostar Educational World have a world of infinite books to offer. As we know, the sky has no limits. We want to provide the wings to the kids to help them achieve that infinite height through world-class books. Neostar Educational World looks forward to ushering a new era in the field of books for the English medium schools. It will publish all books from Nursery to UKG classes. We are also launching a new series called Get Together Semester Books 1-5 which will include books for English, Math, EVS (SST, Science), G.K. and Computer.

Our books are more comprehensive and assisted by an interactive support through website and animated CDs/DVDs. Special care is taken to make the lessons easy-to-understand and make the child learn through innovatively designed exercises. We have some of the most experienced and competent editors, designers and proof readers who put in their best efforts to bring out books for you. The contents of each book have been very carefully and deftly prepared in accordance with the rules laid down by the CBSE.

Today, the world is fast moving towards total digitalization. Hence we have meticulously prepared CDs/DVDs for each of our books. The purpose is to make education a more enjoyable and learning process for the kids, as well as to introduce them to the world of digitalization from the tender age itself.

We at Neostar Educational World understand today's kids' needs, likes and dislikes. We try to continuously think like kids ourselves while trying to bring out the best products for India's kids. At Neostar Educational World, we are burning the midnight oil to give a better and brighter future to India's children.