PATH WAY - A Text Books Series From Class 1 To 5
EXPLORE - A Semester Books Series From Class 1 To 5


a) Vision Statement

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

--Nelson Mandela

We strive towards making our society a more egalitarian one. We know that the only way to achieve this objective is through disseminating 'quality education through quality books'. We dream about a progressive society where quality books are available to each child. A society where every child grows up to become an educated and competent citizen of India.

b) Business Goals & Objectives

"You can never be overeducated."

--Oscar Wilde

We are determined to become the country's largest publishing house of school textbooks. Our thirst for becoming a means for providing quality education through our published textbooks is unquenchable. Every year we are covering new milestones towards this goal and spreading ourselves across newer dimensions.

c)Growth Strategy

We believe in team work. Each unit has an experienced team of professionals. We have a proper hierarchical structure with work properly divided amongst our staff.

d) Values

Vardhman Group is synonymous to honesty, integrity and professionalism. The reason that, today, we are a household name, is our strict professional culture and 'a special bondage we have with our customers'. We believe in keeping our promises to the clients above everything else.